Wooden houses in the Russian style for you

Our company offers production, construction and delivery of wooden houses to the countries of Europe and Asia. The Best House company has experience in building wooden houses since 1995. We build wooden houses from round logs, solid square logs, laminated square logs, handcraft log houses, frame houses (half-timbered houses or fachverk).

We have our own production. Our forest products can have the quality certificate if necessary for export. Our customers can be sure that our wooden houses meet international requirements and have a high level of quality. How do you imagine future house? We can implement any design of an any architectural styleSend us your sketches. Learn more...


Wooden architecture.

"Russian style" in the architecture of the 19th century.

The page contains photos of wooden buildings up to three centuries old! and preserved their pristine beauty. Wooden churches and peasant houses that have survived to this day are located in the Kizhi, Malye Korely and other reserves. Currently, there are many dilapidated wooden buildings scattered throughout the northern regions of Russia: these are Kondopoga, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kirov regions. Among them are churches, chapels, peasant houses. Learn more...

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